How to Choose the Perfect Pacifier for Your Baby

Pacifiers can be so important for your baby. However, you should be aware as to how to make the correct choice. There are a few factors that you would want to consider before you can purchase a pacifier. In this article, we shall try to give answer to the question: How to choose the perfect pacifier for your baby.


It is important to note the size of the pacifier, as depending on the age of your baby, the size of the pacifier is determined. For example, if your baby is six months old, he or she will need a small-sized pacifier, large pacifiers for babies are available who are more than eighteen months of age. Both small and large pacifiers are harmful for your baby. So, you should choose the pacifier knowing about the size of the pacifier which corresponds to the age of your baby.

Parts Comprising the Pacifier:

Another important consideration are the parts that go into the making of the pacifier. A pacifier has three important parts namely the nipple, the guard, and the handle. It is imperative that all these components are made precisely so that they are well intact. In case not, there is a risk that the parts will al fall apart and this may cause serious hazard to your child. So, you should be careful about the making of these component parts.

Strength of the Guard:

The guard is an important component of the pacifier and it should be strong enough. Choose a pacifier that has a good guard and is able to protect the Pacifier in an appropriate manner.

Material of the Pacifier:

Different materials go into the making of different types of pacifiers. These can be silicone, latex, as well as plastic. You have to study what all these materials do and choose the one that is best for your baby. There are pros and cons of using each of these materials. For example, silicon is easy to clean, whereas plastic may become really difficult to clean. Hence, you have to be careful and study all the different pros and cons to arrive at a decision as to which pacifier to purchase for your child.

Ease of Cleaning:

Pacifiers are used by your baby. Hence, you have to be extra particular about the cleanliness of the products. Therefore, you would by choice want to choose a pacifier that is easy to clean and wash. This is important as the easier it is to maintain the product, the better the chances that you shall keep it clean.

Colour of the Pacifier:

This point may appear subtle, but is actually very important. Your baby is keeping the pacifier. Hence, he or she may throw it here and there and there are chances that are the colour is not bright enough, you shall not be able to locate it once your child throws it. Hence it is highly recommended that you buy a pacifier that is bright enough, so that you can easily locate the same.

Thus, I hope that the above article will be helpful in making you understand a few points that need to be kept in mind while purchasing that perfect pacifier for your child.

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