New Mamas Can UnBuckle Their Kids Easier Now!

One of the most annoying things as a mom is trying to unbuckle your child’s car seat after a drive. Well, thanks to Becca Davison and her own mother, the two created UnbuckleMe, a device clip that helps parents get their kids out of car seats without any hassle and takes away the stress from their hands.

 We spoke to Becca to find out more about her incredible new product.

1. What makes UnbuckleMe so important to new parents and grandparents?

 UnbuckleMe is a smart little tool that uses leverage to make it 50% easier to unbuckle child car seats. If you’re a grandparent, or anyone with weakness in your hands (carpal tunnel is common with many new moms), this product will make a daily process of unbuckling your child SO much easier and pain-free. On a lighter note, UnbuckleMe is also great for moms with long fingernails, who are tired of breaking them on car seat buckles! And finally, if you have older kids (4-6yrs) who are still in a 5-point harness and want the independence to be able to unbuckle themselves, you can pass back UnbuckleMe to give them the power. Just keep it in a safe place when the car is moving (in your bag, glove compartment, or side pocket of the car door), out of reach of kids.

 2. What was the main reason(s) in creating this product?

UnbuckleMe was my mom’s idea. I welcomed my first daughter in 2015, and my mom offered to help me with childcare when I went back to work after maternity leave. When my daughter became more active, my mom naturally wanted to take her out of the house to explore and bond with her granddaughter. But she realized that because of arthritis in her thumb, she couldn’t press the car seat buckle with enough pressure. This simple limitation meant that she couldn’t take my daughter out of the house, for fear of getting stuck somewhere and not being able to get my daughter out. My mom is also an Occupational Therapist, and quickly thought of a tool that would solve her own problem. When I saw what she had invented, I was intrigued, and had heard from friends whose parents had similar challenges. We decided to bring our product to market to help anyone else who struggles with car seat buckles. As it turns out… there are a lot who do!

3. Will you be creating other products in the future?

 Good question! We are still determining our next steps, as a business. We are focused on solutions that make life easier for parents and grandparents, particularly as it relates to car seats and travel. I recently became certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), so I am passionate solutions that improve child passenger safety. Watch this space!

 4. How has UnbuckleMe changed your life?

The process of bringing a new product to market is incredibly challenging, yet totally possible. When we first started to validate our idea, we were excited, then quickly realized we had absolutely no idea where to start. I have learned how resourceful I am, and how anything is possible with determination and hard work. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished, and the process of building a business from scratch has taught me that I have skills and strengths that I didn’t fully realize I had. UnbuckleMe has also given me a training ground to build new skills– everything from sales and networking to graphic design and marketing– that have benefitting other areas of my life and personal career. I’ve also realized that learning never stops—once you think you have it all figured out, the next new challenge rears its head!

 5. What advice do you have for other parents who want to go into business and be entrepreneurs? 

 Trust your gut and keep at it. Whether it’s business or family, instincts are strong and will often guide you in the right direction. Everyone will have an opinion but stay true to what you know and believe, and you will be successful, even if the decision of ‘success’ changes along the way.

 6. Where can people buy your product? 

UnbuckleMe is available on Amazon (US and Canada), and at all buybuyBABY locations across the US and Canada. It is also available at about 50 Nordstrom locations across the US, and at You can also buy it at many independent retail locations, and we have a store locator on our website:

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