What To Buy Your Sister for Christmas

Oh the dear sister. Growing up you were always in each others hair but now as adults she is one of your best friends. Christmas time is coming and it is time to show her how much you care. And perhaps also to make up for the time you purposefully accidentally broke the toy she got for Christmas. Whatever your reasons, here is a list of Christmas gift ideas for your favourite sister.

1. Facial Cream & Lotion Set

Female facial products come in a series unlike the all-in-one lotions that men’s facial products come as. There is a toner, a cleanser, a scrub and a moisturiser at the least. However, when trying new products, your sister is unlikely to buy the entire set at once. If you know that she has found a new product that she has fallen in love with, get her the full set. Your sister will literally be glowing.

2. Christmas Basket

When you really want to spoil your sister, gift her a Christmas basket. Find a Christmas basket with a gourmet selection that she can indulge in. Christmas gift baskets are also a cheeky gift that you can expect to share in yourself. Offer her a beautifully put together gourmet basket then, hint at wanting to spend some quality time together. What better way to bond with your sister than over some wine and culinary treats?

3. Matching Jewellery

Just like the friendship bracelets you had as kids, matching jewellery is a sweet way to show your dedication to each other. Pick out a pair of charm bracelets or a locket necklace so you can both personalise the piece. Or choose two different ring designs but with the same inlaid gemstone if you want the gift to be able to stand on its own. Matching jewellery for you and sister is a deeply meaningful gift.

4. Adult Colouring Book

Colouring is no longer a children’s activity. Now, it is just as acceptable for adults to get busy with coloured pencils and markers. Your parents knew what they were doing when they gave you both a colouring book as kids. Colouring is a calming activity for adults too. If your sister is the creative type or the type that needs to learn to slow down sometimes, an adult colouring book will keep her happy. Add in a set of coloured pencils and markers to get her started on a good note.

5. Sisters Day Out

The best gift that your parents gave you and your sister is each other. Schedule in a full day, in your otherwise busy calendar, to spend quality time with just your sister. Take her to the cosy restaurant that you’ve been wanting to try, get a manicure and go see a theatre show. Plan a sisters day out. Browse online for a customisable voucher that you can place inside a pretty Christmas card. Give your sister a day to look forward to even after the Christmas holidays have passed.

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